Meeting Agenda – March 22nd, 2017

Here is our agenda for our upcoming meeting on March 22, 2017 at 6:30pm in the school library.

Anyone is welcome at our meetings and we encourage parents to attend.

Agenda – March 22, 2017


Subway Lunch Program

The Subway lunches are back, starting the first Thursday after March Break! Order forms went home this week but here is the breakdown for you:
Thursdays @ 2nd nutrition break
Term 1:  7 weeks
Thursday, March 23rd, March 30th, April 6th, April 13th, April 20th, April 27th and May 4th
Subway Sandwiches are $5.00 each for a 6” (= $35 for term).
 Gluton free bread available for additional $1 per sub per week (= $42 for term).
bread type (White (italian), whole wheat (9 grain), gluton free)
one type of meat/veggie (turkey, ham roast beef, veggie delite)
topping options (cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, green peppers)
and condiments (mustard, mayo)
Deadline of Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Statement from JESC

In response to the article in yesterday’s Ottawa Citizen: We at JESC were as shocked and surprised as everyone else to read yesterday’s article. We want to let parents know that we are aware of the matter and are taking it very seriously. If you have any feedback, please feel free to contact us directly at, contact the school administration, or come out to our meeting on Wednesday, February 15th at 6:30pm in the school library where this matter will be discussed.

Here is a copy of our agenda for our meeting. This matter will be discussed under the “Volunteer Coordinator Report”.


Popcorn Fridays!

papa-jack-logoPopcorn Fridays are back and your child will be bringing home a form this week. We know that there has been a delay in getting the forms home so, for this week only, we will be accepting money until Thursday, February 9th!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Kindergarten students may order popcorn but will not be allowed to open it at school; it will come home with them.

The Jockvale Elementary School Council is pleased to start offering Papa Jack popcorn on Friday afternoons. From February 10th to March 10th we will be selling Papa Jack popcorn in 4 flavours: Butter, Kaboom (spicy), White Cheddar and Dill. The cost is only $1 per bag. Each bag is 22 g, has approximately 100 calories, is nut and gluten free, and meets the ministry guidelines for snack products.

To place an order, please return the following forms by Tuesday each week with a loonie attached and the popcorn will be distributed on Friday during the second lunch break. You may also order for several weeks at the same time.

We hope you enjoy this Friday afternoon treat!

Popcorn Form