Positions 2015

Jockvale Elementary School Council (JESC) is looking to fill 3 more positions for this election year!

While the roles seem daunting, our team works strongly together to achieve the best possible results on behalf of the school and students.

JESC needs the following roles filled:

Fundraising/Events Coordinator (duties as followed)

1. Facilitate the formation of the fundraising committee;
2. Define JESC fundraising targets, objectives, benefactor programs and priorities and submit to the JESC for approval;
3. Establish and coordinate JESC sponsored fundraising activities;
4. Report regularly at JESC meetings on the status of fundraising activities, and progress towards targets and objectives;
5. Recommend the schedule for distribution of funds to the benefactor programs, and
submit to the JESC for approval;
6. Coordinate with the Treasurer the distribution of funds to the benefactor programs where there has been no opportunity for discussion at a JESC meeting, make every effort to consult with the Chair and other Council members, in order to represent the views of the group as fairly as possible and to vote on its behalf. These actions shall be presented at the next meeting of the JESC for ratification


2 Parents at Large (duties as followed)

Members at Large/Parents Representatives shall:
1. Have voting rights on all issues discussed by the JESC
2. Participate on any committees established by the school council
3. Contribute to the discussions of the council
4. Solicit the views of other parents and members of the community to share with the school council;
5. Observe the council’s code of the ethics and established bylaws.