English grade 5 Entrepreneurial Business 2014


The Imagination Crew


Dear Business Owner / Manager:                                                                        February, 2014


We are the Imagination Crew.  The Imagination Crew is a business created by Grade 5 students from Jockvale Elementary School in Barrhaven.  Our purpose is to teach students and adults alike that they can imagine, create and re-purpose.  One of the main products that we will be selling is a book that displays how people can use recycled items to create amazing things.  Our book will be called “The Imagination Book.”  All proceeds for this book and all other endeavors will go to Scouts Canada.  We chose Scouts Canada because they teach kids how to imagine, create and re-purpose all of the time.

We were wondering if you would like to advertise in our “Imagination Book?”  Below is a break down of advertising space you could purchase.

Package # 1:  ¼ of a page = $25.00

                        Package # 2:  ½ of a page = $50.00

                        Package # 3:  1 full page   = $100.00

Please take some time to consider this awesome opportunity.  If you decide to participate you can e-mail our teacher at alison.sinclair@ocdsb.ca or fill in the form below and return it with me.  Please make cheques payable to Jockvale Elementary School and mark “Imagination Crew” in the memo section.  Cash is also accepted.

***Please e-mail your business logo to Mrs. Sinclair so that it can be used in the book.***


Thank you for your consideration,

The Imagination Crew



We would love to participate:

            Name of business: __________________________________________

            Name of contact person: _____________________________________

            E-mail of contact person (or phone number)

            Package #: _______________________

            Cheque: _____  Cash: ______

            Sales Person: ______________________________________________