The Lunch Program Begins this Week

The Jockvale Lunch Program kicks off this week.  As always in the beginning of the program there can be a few wrinkles in the class lists and the order lists.

If your child is in class and has not been handed out their pizza or hot dog as they expected, please let them know to check the list again and then ask the duty teacher.  Our parent volunteers are in the school during the lunch programs and will make sure that your child receives their order.  If for some reason the exact item they ordered is not available our volunteers will make sure that your child is fed lunch, even if it’s cheese pizza instead of pepperoni.

Making sure the orders for 375 students are correct and delivered can have a few bumps.  We appreciate your understanding.

Please remember this entire program is organized and run by parent volunteers.

If you have a question or concern you can contact our Lunch Program Co-ordinator, Tanya Treverton, by email at