Urgent Reminder: Snow Days & the Lunch Program

This week we are expecting our first major snow storm of the year.  We would like to remind parents that if school buses are canceled (Snow day) any scheduled lunch program is canceled for that day and you need to send a lunch with your child.

This applies for Pizza Days(Mon.), Lunch Lady (Wed.) and Hot Dog Days (2nd Thurs.)

SNOW DAY FOOD PROGRAM POLICY: In the event of a Board declared SNOW DAY (cancellation of all school buses due to inclement weather), any planned food program on that day will be canceled.  The Lunch Lady program will credit your account for that day’s order.  Whether another food date will be held or refunds given, for pizza and hot dogs, will be at the discretion of the JESC.

Thank you for your cooperation.


Jockvale School Council Lunch Program Coordinators and Volunteers