Bell Time Changes UPDATE!!

belltimesOn Tuesday final decisions on the issue of School Bell Times changes were being made at the OCDSB Board Meeting. 

Our school was represented by several parents including 2 members of our school council, both of whom addressed these issues to Board of Trustees through a public question and a presentation.

After many hours of debate running until after midnight, our Trustees have agreed to defer the Barrhaven start time changes for this year.  


Changes to start times and the way the school boards bus students are coming to all schools Barrhaven.  This decision does not stop them from happening but gives both School Boards time to find better working options for the parents of our area. 

These decisions must now be made by January 2010 and will be implemented for the following September.

During these next few months parents will be asked to work with the School Board and the Transportation Authority so that they can find the financial savings they need to cover the funding cut that the Ministry is implementing, and so that as many parent concerns can be addressed as possible.    

We encourage you give your input freely, and often when consultations are scheduled, or surveys sent home.

For more detailed information on last night’s Board Meeting decisions please click the Bell Time Changes icon to the right of this page.