Changing School Start Times in Barrhaven – UPDATE!

yrchldedIs 1% really worth it?  That is the question that was asked by JESC Chair, Eric Weiner, during the Board Consultation meeting on school start time changes at St. Joseph’s Secondary School this month.

1% between 2 school boards will be the savings achieved by disrupting the days & the start time for the students, parents & staff of almost every school in Barrhaven; compromising their safety; and effecting their learning.

After 2 meetings filled with negative feedback from angry parents, the Transportation Authority (OSTA) is now set to give a report to the Board of Directors on March 23rd.  Unfortunately this meeting is closed to the public and there is no guarantee that parents will be allowed consultation again on the changes – if any. 

Councillor Jan Harder and MPP Lisa McLeod have released a letter to the OSTA with their concerns and the concerns of their constitutients regarding this proposal.  


Click Here for a copy of the Harder/McLeod Open Letter to the OSTA


 We urge parents of Jockvale and of Barrhaven to contact Alex Getty’s office either by phone at 613-692-0543  or via email at and let him know that as our elected school representative you want him to represent your views to the OCDSB and the OSTA.


Check back often for information updates as they come available. 

If you would like to get involved please contact the school council


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