Busy Week at Jockvale…

It’s a busy week at Jockvale ES this week….

Tuesday May 13thFuel for Kids Event @ Lunch time  and 3-7pm at Loeb on Greenbank.
         The Schneiders Race Team will be at our school with the Schneiders stockcar, serving up a BBQ’d lunch for all students.  Then from 3-7pm the Fuel for Kids team will be hosting a BBQ at Loeb with 100% of proceeds going to Jockvale ES.  So plan dinner at Loeb for Tuesday and help support our school!!

Friday May 16th – CHEO Walk-a-thon for Maddy
Join us as the students of Jockvale raise money for CHEO in memory of one of our students.  Students will be collecting pledges and then walking a route, both on and off school grounds.  The walk will end with students helping to plant “Maddy’s Garden”.   The proceeds collected from the walk-a-thon will be presented during the CHEO Telethon.  Details on date and times to follow.

Friday May 16th – Unveiling of “Maddy’s Garden”~ a memorial to Maddy Otto.
As part of the school’s fundraising efforts for CHEO in memory of a friend who passed away last summer, the students, parents and staff of Jockvale ES have created a memorial garden in the front of the school, Maddy’s Garden.  The garden will be completed on Friday as students complete their CHEO walk and then each plant a flower. 

We hope that you can join us for these important events!!
Jockvale, We Where Belong…