2 Parent Presentations that you SHOULD Attend…

1.  Jockvale Elementary’s

Balanced School Day ~ Information Night

Starting in September 2008 Jockvale will be moving to a new format called the Balanced School Day.   Attend this important information session to learn all about the changes.

~ Same school hours
~ 2 lunch breaks
~ improved scheduling for learning time

Parent’s are encouraged to attend!!
Thursday May 1st @ 7pm in the School Library

2.  A New Vision in Education for the 21st Century ~ With Annie Kidder

Annie Kidder, Executive Director of People for Education, is a flamboyant, motivational and incredibly knowledgable speaker. 

This is wonderful opportunity to hear her speak on a topic that, not only is she passionate about but that, is important to all parents as we look to our children’s futures.

Tuesday May 6th, 7:00PM
Sir Robert Borden High School (131 Greenbank Road).
Refreshments will be served after the talk and Q&A session.
Admission $5.00

For more information on Annie Kidder and People for Education check out their website. 
The JESC is a proud supporter of People for Education.